Effective Practice with E-Portfolios: Supporting 21st-Century Learning

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Reflection on Artifact 10:

I wanted to find a good resource to guide me in helping students develop portfolios because I was very moved by the assertion of the 2013 AASL conference opening keynote speaker, Tony Wagner, that we need to find a way to help students show what they can do and not what they know. The future is uncertain and bits of knowledge are not translatable in helping students find their way. What is translatable is an understanding of skills and a body of work that has been amassed to showcase each student's individual strengths.

This guide also elucidated some important uses of e-portfolios that I had overlooked. For instance, it is not only a tool to show others what you have accomplished, it is also a reflective tool that enables you to set goals more effectively. I think that those two aspects of portfolio development speak exceptionally well to the type of assessment that I would like to champion as a school library teacher.