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Reflection on Artifact 11:

I have a lot of questions about digital badges. At this point, they are still very much an experimental method of acknowledging and sharing achievement. Some of the biggest names in the digital badges are Mozilla Open Badges and HASTAC/Macarthur Foundation Badges for Lifelong Learning. I was thrilled to see this simple outline of the seven most important thing s educators should know about badges. Educause also offers a series of articles entitled "7 Things You Should Know About..." Learning Technology here.

Badge programs could be used as a tool that reaches underserved populations in our schools because they could invigorate a motivation for achievement that has been neglected in schools: the gaming aspect. Student achievement is very much tied to student motivation and this initiative is well worth researching and considering for use in schools because it offers a different kind of motivation that could reach more students. Badges are still confusing to me. I don't know what the future of a badge program would look like. I don't know how badges would be validated or curated. This area of inquiry is one that I am comfortable watching for now and I hope that it could become a widely accepted and understood medium for showing students' achievements.