Self Directed Learning kit

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Reflection on Artifact 12:

This is a resource I hesitated to include because I don't know exactly how it fits in to school library programs and student achievement, but my gut instinct tells me that the connection will become more apparent as education continues to adapt to the changing needs of society. The SOLE toolkit is a guide for setting up Self Organized Learning Environments and specifically addressed the needs of children aged eight to twelve. One aspect of this model of teaching that I see as a natural ally to school library instruction is that it is inquiry and curiosity based. The theory was articulated by Sugata Mitra and gained momentum when he presented the TED talk seen here. More information about Sugata Mitra can be found on his wikispace.

This seems to be part of a larger movement toward student-led learning. Joshua Davis write an October 2013 article in Wired Magazine, entitled "How a Radical New Teaching Method Could Unleash a Generation of Geniuses" which highlights which highlights the teaching strategies of Mexican educator Juarez Correa. Because many of these teaching methods that are garnering attention are serving children who live in poverty, this movement appeals to my desire to contribute to a more egalitarian system of education.