Waltham High School's Instructional Technology Tutorials
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Reflection on Artifact 2:

I chose to include this web resource, a compilation of instructional technology tutorials for instructor use, because it provides a great illustration of how school librarians can support the use of instructional technology in a way that is highly accessible for teachers. This artifact relates to the leadership role school librarians play because, as leaders, we should strive to encourage the use of instructional technology. I believe that the more wisely we use technology to deliver instruction, the more equitable our instruction will become.

This is an aspect of the job that I have thought about a lot throughout the semester, because I don't think the digital divide has been completely overcome yet, but I think that sufficient advances have been made that at this point, we can say that more instructional technology equals greater access to instruction for students. Equitable internet access is something that I, as a developing library professional, am very concerned with. I don't think that we can advance our larger educational goals without working to resolve this equity issue. This is one aspect of the job that I would like to work further to develop my understanding of the issue and what we can do to change it.