Librarians Who Lead
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Reflection on Artifact 3:

This article is from the website for District Administration, a magazine that addresses the needs of district level administration for K-12 schools. It focuses on the library program at New Canaan, CT public schools, which was awarded the 2010 National School Library Program of the Year Award.

The approach to librarianship that this school program uses struck me as exceptionally curriculum focused. They have worked in partnership with all the teachers in the school to create a “courseware based portal for all of the instruction presented in class”. Also, the article highlights a 23-session project designed for 9th graders entitled “My Personal Wellness” which addressed important topics for student health and integrates research and technology skills. I think that a course like that could be a great benefit to all students beginning high-school.

Overall, this article led me to research a truly inspirational library program. Their website ( indicates that they put a great deal of effort in to collecting useable data to continually improve their services.