How to Create a Culture of Reading
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The AASL description of a school librarian's duties as an instructional partner makes reference to “joining with teachers and others to plan and implement meaningful experiences that will promote a lifelong love of learning” and I think that this article, inspired by AASL's 2013 conference addresses this perfectly. It provides a list of things to keep in mind when promoting a love of learning in teens and tweens.

I thought this list made some very important points. Firstly, that all types of reading, not just traditional book reading should be celebrated. This list offers ideas that make choosing books more fun and relatable for the age group. It goes beyond offering a typical book club, suggesting author visits, “impulse purchases” placed near the circulation desk, Pinterest boards, and teen-friendly competitions like “Stump the Librarian”. In short, the list reminds me that there are tons of fun and innovative ways to encourage students to read something they don't have to read. This artifact also reminds me of the important lessons learned from the book we read this semester: “The Power of Reading: Insights From the Research, by Stephen D, Krashen. I believe that no matter what direction libraries take in the future of serving students, promoting a love of reading free-choice materials should always remain one of our central goals.