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Ray, Mark1, "NONE Of The ABOVE." Knowledge Quest 42.2 (2013): 60-61.
Library & Information Science Source. Web. 2 Dec. 2013

Reflection on Artifact 6:

This article came from the December 2013 issue of AASL's publication, Knowledge Quest. This particular issue focused mainly on the debate between continuing to use the Dewey Decimal system and opting to organize a school's library collection by genre. I really enjoyed the whole issue, but this article, in particular stood out to me. The debate is all about how we should organize information to make it more accessible and useful to our primary patrons, the students. This article reminded me of a book I read for a previous class, entitled "Everything is Miscellaneous" by David Weinberger.

I still don't know enough about how students seek information in a school library to say whether I think that the Dewey Decimal system or another system would work best. What I do know, however, is that in an increasingly digital world, the possibilities for creating discovery opportunities are greatly increased and that we should take every opportunity to capitalize on that and to educate students about the best ways to find what they need in that highly adaptable environment of digital resources.

This article speaks directly to the part of our job as Information Specialists that requires us to "organize information for maximum and effective use".