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Reflection on Artifact 7:

In the wake of these financially difficult times, librarians have had to fight hard to justify their presence in schools. Indeed, we have had to assert that we are, in fact, teachers. This artifact, to me, is a concise way to communicate our educational value. In spite of the many voices who support the role of the librarian in a school setting, there are still many administrators who agree with the opinions voiced by Ze'ev Wurman in a 2011 debate piece entitles "Teachers, Not Librarians" that was featured in the New York Times in response to the question "Are School Librarians Expendable?"

Librarians must take advocacy for libraries in schools very seriously. In addition to communicating the roles we play in a clear and concise way, we should always seek to make the work we do quantifiable in a way that can easily be shared with school administrators and other decision makers.

I think that claiming our role as teachers is really at the crux of this issue of expendability. School librarians who only tend to the books do the profession a disservice by not taking this aspect of the job seriously.