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Reflection on Artifact 8:

This artifact is a student guide to research methods that was produced by Colonie Central High School. In the future I would like to collect research guides for use by students at the elementary level as well. This guide struck me as very well-structured and potentially very helpful for students. I have made the connection between guiding the research process and empowering students to become "their own best critics" because I think that objectivity is at the heart of research and a student who learns good research skills will be a student who embraces self-assessment.

Again, this artifact speaks to the Teacher Librarian's role as a teacher. This is one of the areas that our specialist focus is nearly universally accepted. Librarians are perhaps the people best suited to teach research skills and this is something we should take pride in and promote as a skill we can share. We should make resources available for use in the classroom and also make ourselves available for face-to-face training sessions to help students hone their research skills in various disciplines.