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A feature of

Reflection on Artifact 9:

This is a web based tool that can be used to create rubrics for assessing student work. At the individual level, it is free. There is also an fee-based option that can be used for an entire school. Rubric creation is made simple with this tool and it even allows you to grade rubrics digitally, using either a browser or an app.

In addition to the ability to create and grade rubrics, this service also makes a database of over a quarter million publicly shared rubrics available for your use. There are other services that create rubrics, but I found this one to be the most user friendly while also being feature rich.

Assessment is something I didn't think much about when I began the school library teacher program, but I see now that it is a very important part of what we do. Librarians are also very lucky in that we are in a position that we can use assessment to guide learning, rather than to simply measure learning after the fact, which may classroom teachers see as an unachievable ideal because of the pressures of the modern standardized testing system. I think that by mastering the use of rubrics to guide learning, we can potentially model a system of assessing for learning guidance that is less stressful and more productive than a lot of what we see in schools today.