Information Specialist
As information specialist, the school librarian provides leadership and expertise in the selection, acquisition, evaluation, and organization of information resources and technologies in all formats, as well as expertise in the ethical use of information. The school librarian ensures equitable access and responsible use of information by:
  • in accordance with district policy, developing and maintaining a collection of resources appropriate to the curriculum, the learners, and the teaching styles and instructional strategies used within the school community
  • cooperating and networking with other libraries, librarians, and agencies to provide access to resources outside the school
  • modeling effective strategies for developing multiple literacies
  • evaluating, promoting, and using existing and emerging technologies to support teaching and learning, supplement school resources, connect the school with the global learning community, communicate with students and teachers, and provide 24/7 access to library services
  • providing guidance in software and hardware evaluation, and developing processes for such evaluation
  • understanding copyright, fair use, and licensing of intellectual property, and assisting users with their
    understanding and observance of the same
  • organizing the collection for maximum and effective use

Source: AASL Sample Job Description

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