As program administrator, the school librarian works collaboratively with members of the learning community to define the policies of the school library program, and to guide and direct all activities related to it. The school librarian maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of the school library program by:
  • using strategic planning for the continuous improvement of the program
  • ensuring that school library program goals and objectives are aligned with school and district long-range
    strategic plans
  • using effective management principles, including the supervision of personnel, resources, and facilities, in developing and implementing program goals and objectives
  • using evidence of practice, particularly in terms of learning outcomes, to support program goals and planning
  • generating evidence in practice that demonstrates efficacy and relevance of the school library instructional program
  • conducting ongoing action research and evaluation that creates data that is used to inform continuous program improvement
  • supervising and evaluating support staff, which may include educational assistants, computer education assistants, volunteers, and student assistants
  • preparing, justifying, and administering the school library program budget to support specific program goals
  • establishing processes and procedures for selection, acquisition, circulation, resource sharing, etc. that assure appropriate resources are available when needed
  • creating and maintaining in the school library a teaching and learning environment that is inviting, safe, flexible, and conducive to student learning
  • selecting and using effective technological applications for management purposes
  • participating in the recruiting, hiring, and training of other professionals, educational library assistants,
    students, and volunteer staff
  • arranging for flexible scheduling of the school libraries to provide student accessibility to staff and resources at point of need
  • ensuring equitable physical access to school library facilities by providing barrier-free, universally designed environments.ensuring equitable physical access to school library facilities by providing barrier-free, universally designed environments.

Source: AASL Sample Job Description

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