Letter to the Reader
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Roles and Responsibilities of the School Librarian

  • Artifact 1 (PDF) Implementing the Common Core State Standards
  • Artifact 2 (Web Resource) Waltham High School Library's Collection of Instructional Technology Tutorials

Instructional Partner
  • Artifact 3 (Web Article) Librarians Who Lead
  • Artifact 4 (Web Article) How to Create a "Culture of Reading"

Information Specialist
  • Artifact 5 (PDF) Dedham High School Newsletter
  • Artifact 6 (PDF) Knowledge Quest Article "None of the Above"

Teacher (Instruction)
  • Artifact 7 (Infographic) "What do Teacher Librarians Teach?"
  • Artifact 8 (PDF) Research Guide for High Schoolers

Teacher (Assessment)
  • Artifact 9 (Web Tool) iRubric: Free rubric database and rubric building tool
  • Artifact 10 (PDF) Effective Practice With E-Portfolios

Teacher (Student Achievement)
  • Artifact 11 (PDF) Seven Things You Should Know About Badges
  • Artifact 12 (PDF) SOLE Toolkit: How To Bring Self-Organized Learning Environments to Your Community
  • Artifact 13 (PDF) Realizing Opportunities for the English Learner

Program Administrator
  • Artifact 14 (Web Resource) Accessibility Tipsheet Collection
  • Artifact 15 (PDF) School Library Media Center Long-Range Planning Guide

Technology Leader
  • Artifact 16 (PDF) Seven Things You Should Know About Google Apps
  • Artifact 17 (Infographic) Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teachers Who Use Technology
  • Artifact 18 (Web Resource) Commonsensemedia.org offers Digital Citizenship tutorials organized by grade level.

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